Pre Natal & Post Natal

Several options are available for those seeking supervised training before, during and after pregnancy. You can find out how safe, specific training techniques can reduce weight gain, improve the health of you and your baby, ease labour and regain your figure fast.

Our team of personal trainers and physiotherapists will ensure and enable you to achieve your goals without compromising your safety and your baby’s safety.

Benefits of Pre Natal & Post Natal Personal Training:

  • A childcare solution. Train with your post natal personal trainer whilst your baby is asleep or while your toddler is playing.
  • You get the complete privacy of the whole studio for you in a safe environment.
  • Each session is supervised by a qualified physiotherapist and personal trainer in a caring environment.
  • You get immediate access to our physiotherapy services when needed.
  • Saves you time. Personal fitness training at our studio, home or outdoors. No need to join or travel to a gym and more time for you and your new baby.
  • Faster results. We will taylor-make individualised and personally specific programmes.
  • Flatter Abdominals. We focus on re-gaining core strength to flatten those stomach muscles post birth.

Our physiotherapists and personal trainers will place special attention on your physiological changes and specific muscles such as pelvic floor and postural.

Contact us now and get yourself started for a healthy you and a healthy baby.